Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1How and where can I buy a ticket?
You may do so at walk in ticketing counter or online at
2What is the different buying online and walk in?
You can enjoy great discount or combo package through online purchase.
3Can I buy the ticket on the day its self?
Yes, you may purchase the ticket on the day itself at the counter
4Can I buy ticket online if I want to visit today?
No, all purchase must be made at least two days in advance.
5What are the preferred modes of payment if I purchase online tickets?
For your convenience, a variety of payments methods are accepted including using credit or debit card and online banking.
6I forgot to bring my tickets / I don't have any printer to print the confirmation slip. Can I still redeem my attraction tickets?
Yes. You may show your identification card & confirmation email via telephone (H/P) the respective counter upon redemption.
7Can I leave and re-enter the attraction?
Park admission is valid for per entry only. You can't re-enter the attraction once you leave the attractions.
8My kids is 2 years old. Should buy a tickets for them?
A child above 90cm and below 11 years old will require a child ticket. However if your child is below 90cm no ticket is required.
9I'm unable to make it to the Leisure Park and have decided to visit it another day. Will I be able to do change my visit date?
No. Please note that confirmed transactions cannot be cancelled, refunded, or amended under any circumstances.
10What can I do if is raining?
Due to Malaysia's tropical climate, thunderstorms occur regularly. In the event of lightning within close proximity to the park, outdoor attractions will be closed for the safety of all guests. Because these storms generally occur in the late afternoon or early evening, we recommend you plan to use this time for souvenir shopping, having an early lunch or dinner, or enjoying any of our indoor attractions.
11Can I ask someone else to collect the tickets on my behalf?
No. Third party collection is not allowed.
12What does "Pax" or "Paxs" mean?
"Pax" means "Passenger" or "Person", a Passenger can be an adult, child (2-12 years old) or infant (below 2 years old).
13Does i-City deliver member card after I registered as a member?
No, i-City only accept FREE member registration online through this website.
14Can I make my purchase through telephone?
No. You required to make online purchase by yourself. However, if you need further assistance, please contact our customer service.
15What are the operating hour?
You may check out at

*Management reserves the right to change the operation hours, close any rides or attractions, restrict the number of visitors, cancel or amend any activity without prior notice.
16How can I enjoy Senior Citizen rates?
Senior Citizen rates are applicable to patrons who are 60 years old and above and i-City Staff will need to verify their I.C. upon redemption.
17The i-Ticket Online Confirmation Voucher carries my name. Are my vouchers transferrable? Or can someone collect on behalf?
No. I-Ticket vouchers are generally not transferable. I-City Staff have the right to check and disallow the redemption of the voucher if the voucher is redeemed by a different person and ID is not match.
18Am I allowed to take photographs within the Park?
Feel free to take as many pictures as you would like. However, please note that production cameras are not allowed into the park.
19Are pets and animals allowed within the Park?
No pets or animals are allowed within our premises.
20Is smoking allowed within the Park premises?
Smoking is allowed only within designated areas. We urge customers to be considerate and observe the designated smoking areas.
21How far from Best Western hotel to i-City Leisure Park?
It's within walking distance.
22Is there any restaurant inside i-City?
Yes. We have plenty of F&B Outlets such as KFC, Subway, Old Town, Chicken Rice Shop and Spices of Penang. If you want to enjoy snacks and light food such as Big Apple, Hot & Roll, Durian Tempura, Candies, Hot Coffee and Churos, you can visit WOW Street.
23What is your parking rate?
Monday to Sunday (6am - 7pm): 1st 2 hour or part thereof,RM3, Subsequent 2 hour of part thereof RM3. Monday to Sunday (6pm - 6am): Per Entry, RM10

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