• Area
    City Walk
  • Opening Hours

    Mon - Thurs: 11am - 12am
    Fri 11am - 1am
    Sat, Public & School Holidays: 11am - 1am
    Sun 11am - 12am

  • Age Interest
    Kids, Teens, Adults
  • Height
    90cm & below must be accompanied by an adult above 18 years old
  • More Information
    Bring your camera here
City Walk
Red Carpet

Red Carpet is Malaysia’s first home-grown interactive wax museum. It brings together an all-star cast of glamour and glitz, power and politics, the strange and wonderful in a 30 thousand square foot Oscar Awards setting venue.

All of its 100 exhibits are modelled after well-known personalities in various categories - World Icons, Celebrities, Sports Stars, World Book of Records, Legends and Interactive, of which there are ten (sound and motion automated).

Visitors are welcome to step up close, examine the wax exhibits and marvel at the uncanny resemblance and realism that has been achieved. The interactive element will also allow visitors to party with them.

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