• Area
    City Walk
  • Opening Hours

    Mon - Thurs 5pm - 12am
    Fri  5pm - 1am
    Sat, Public & School Holidays 5pm - 1am
    Sun 5pm -12am

  • Age Interest
    Kids, Teens, Adults
  • Height
    90cm & above only
  • More Information
    Moderate High
City Walk
Space Mission

Space Mission provides visitors with a glimpse into the many wonders of intergalactic travel and deep space exploration while challenging the mind to think beyond the ordinary.

This 30 thousand square foot edutainment attraction aims to re-ignite the interest in space science and technology in an innovative fashion – by making it an affair where families can immerse in various forms of futuristic space travel adventures.

Visitors boarding the Starship Explorer at Space Mission will feel as though they’ve entered a time capsule and transported into the future – coming face-to-face with sweeping views of the galaxy, warping through wormholes, alien/humanoid encounters, whizzing comets and meteor showers and even participate in a space battle.

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